Transformation in Sports – translating ideas into practice

Timm and Sebastian will discuss what it means to develop and execute a digital strategy for a professional football club. In this session they will touch upon a number of aspects that will be covered during the session throughout the Legal Week.

When: Monday 27th September 2021, 08:30 – 09:15 BST
Speakers: Sebastian Hack and Timm Jäger, Eintracht Frankfurt, CEO Eintracht Tech & Advisor to the Executive Board

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Make or Buy – Shaping Digital Business Models with M&A Transactions

How are players in the sports business able to participate in the fast-moving digital transformation demanded by stakeholders? Osborne Clarke’s Bjorn Hürten and David Jaschke explore the part M&A transactions have to play.

When: Monday 27th September 2021, 13:00-13:45 BST

Speakers: Dr. Björn Hürten and David Jaschke.

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Ambush Marketing at Sports events

The seminar explains the legal limitations within which “ambush marketing” of Sports events is permitted or prohibited across Europe, and what legal consequences the “ambushing” company could face.

When: Tuesday 28th September 2021, 08:30-09:15 BST

Speakers: Robert Briske and Anna Rawlings

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Crypto and NFTs in Sports: Differences, Possibilities & Challenges from a Legal Perspective

PSG pays Messi in tokens: The crypto-craze has officially reached the Sports industry. We highlight the legal issues and provide practical insight per each token type (crypto, NFT etc.).

When: Tuesday 28th September 2021, 13:00-13:45 BST

Speakers: Tanja Aschenbeck and Tobias Rothkegel

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Forms of employment in eSports

Although competitive gaming has existed for decades, the eSports phenomenon still seems rather “new” to many companies and individuals. Our speakers will provide insights on several employment related questions for you.

When: Wednesday 29th September 2021, 08:30-09:15 BST

Speakers: Alexander Schlicht and Anna Baumann, Executive Vice President eSports at ReKT Global

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Powered by Pandemic? Business and Legal Trends in eSports

From new copyright rules to marketing disclosures, and from e-athletes’ mental health to dealing with toxic players, our panel takes stock of what’s current and what’s coming in eSports.

When: Wednesday 29th September 2021, 13:00-13:45 BST

Speakers: Tom Harding, Gianluigi Marino, Julia Darcel and Andy Payne, Chairman of The Producers

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The Hyperquantified Sportsperson

Measurement and analytics of professional players and athletes is increasingly done in real time, around the clock, measuring indicators inside and outside the body. It is enabled by advancements in computing power, cloud technology, and AI. Our speakers will provide an insight into the intellectual property, data law, and contractual issues which are key to exploitation of this technology in the business of sports.

When: Thursday 30th September 2021, 08:30-09:15 BST

Speakers: Tamara Quinn and Jamie Halpin

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Corruption in Sport: Digital analytics and enforcement

Ensuring integrity in Sport is facing unprecedented challenge. Hear how the ITIA is using data to combat corruption. Enforcement updates will also be given by OC partners in the UK and France.

When: Thursday 30th September 2021, 13:00-13:45 BST

Speakers: Jeremy Summers, Lucie Mongin-Archambeaud and Ben Rutherford, Senior Director for Legal at International Tennis Integrity Agency

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