As ‘Summer in the City’ is, indeed, in the city, we’re encouraging everyone to use public transport. Between the Bridges is just across the road (less than a five minute walk) from Waterloo Station – with mainline and multiple underground connections. 

Booking tickets

If you’re travelling by train please book your tickets through R&M as soon as you’ve confirmed you’re coming to the party. Booking early ensures we get the best value tickets. And please note bookings must be made through R&M as you won’t be able to expense any tickets bought independently. You’re welcome to book a ticket that includes a zone 1 tube journey to cover the travel from Paddington to Waterloo for example.

Travel from Bristol or Reading
The best route from Paddington station to Between the Bridges is the Bakerloo Line (direct from Paddington to Waterloo). It should take about 20-25 minutes.

Travel within London:
Between the Bridges is less than a 40 minute walk from the office, or you can jump on the 76 bus from outside the office (stop BE) to Waterloo Bridge which should take no more than 20 minutes. You can expense TFL travel via Chrome River using an Oyster receipt.


Please note there is no parking at the venue and you will not be able to claim for parking or taxi expenses (other than from those with reduced mobility).


As local transport is so easy to access, you’ll be able to head off any time. However buses will be provided to the allocated hotels at the end of the party (23:00).

All the hotels are within a 20 minute walk of the party.


It’s important that our party is accessible to all of us. Therefore all those who have a disability (hidden or visible) will be able to have a priority pass (yellow lanyard), giving quicker access to facilities and entertainment. These yellow lanyards will be available from a steward on the way in or from a help point once inside or from Facilities locally, in advance. And if you see colleagues with a yellow lanyard, please be mindful of their priority pass.

Anyone unable to use public transport or walk from the station to the venue or to their hotel, can expense return taxis at either their line manager’s or HR’s approval. Please get approval for this in advance. Expenses with line manager approval can be submitted in the usual way and expensed to ‘office travel’. If you’d prefer to get this expense approved by HR instead you can drop a note to your usual HR contact and, once approved submit the expense to ‘misc other’.

Please specify any access requirements on your RSVP so that we can accommodate those.

If you’ve got any specific concerns about the accessibility of the party please contact Kelly Power.