What are the arrangements around the party and working time?

We’re asking line managers to plan work and team availability with the party in mind, as we want everybody to have an equal chance to enjoy the occasion. At the same time we need to make sure our clients and internal customers continue get the service they need, so while there are no hard and fast rules there will need to be some common sense solutions applied within teams. We’ve answered a few commonly asked questions below, but please talk to your line manager about how this will work within your team. 

Do I need to be online by 09:00 on the Friday?

That depends on your role and the arrangements within your team. We’re certainly not expecting everybody to log on by 09:00 but there will need to be cover in some areas.

Can I work from the London office on the Friday?

As long as your line manager agrees there is no problem with working from the London office. Be aware, however, that desk space is limited so book a desk earlier rather than later would be sensible.

Can I travel back home/to my home office on the Friday morning?

Absolutely – we are expecting many people to take this option. With laptops, mobiles and Wi-Fi connectivity many OC people regularly work while travelling.

What should I wear?

It’s up to you! Feel free to dress to impress or go for a mellowed look. Between the Bridges has outdoor and covered areas .. and although we’ll be hoping for gentle summer warmth for our Summer in the City party, please bring typical summer attire .. which means both sunscreen and rainwear! And flat comfortable shoes might be a good option too.

How accessible is the party?

Finding the right venue so we can all celebrate together is important. Between the Bridges has slightly elevated levels, all of which are accessible via ramps. And there’s plenty of seating and some great shaded areas to settle with your friends, take a break from dancing or just have a bit of time out. And, of course, there are the priority passes. If you’ve got any questions or concerns about access specifically, drop Kelly Power a line.

I’ve got a special dietary requirement, will there be food for me?

We’ll have incredible food, with a range of stalls to choose from. All special diets will be catered for with allergens fully labelled. If you have any specific dietary requirements please add those details in the RSVP form.  

I am leaving OC and will have departed ahead of the party, can I still come?

To ensure fairness, the party is available only to those in employment with OC on the party date. So anyone who will have left already or who joins after the date of the party, will not be able to come.

I’d like to drive, will there be parking onsite?

There is excellent local public transport so, unless one has reduced mobility, everyone is asked to use public transport. Please note also there is no parking at the venue, and expenses for parking will not be accepted. Additionally, only those with reduced mobility can claim taxi expenses with prior approval.

Will there be parking at the hotels?

There are no direct parking facilities at any of the hotels, however there are public (NCP) car parks nearby. Please note you cannot claim for parking expenses.

What’s going on at the party?

Glad you asked! There will be amazing food, a fabulous array of drinks, wonderful music and captivating entertainment. You’re welcome to take part in all of it, some of it or just sit back and enjoy the ambience. Overall there’ll be plenty of dancing – no doubt, in good OC style, some good and we sincerely hope, some truly bad!

Generally speaking it’s a pretty relaxed affair with something for everyone. We’ll publish the line up nearer the day … but can reveal our headliner …. *drum roll* … ANNIE MAC!

Can I bring my dog?

This party is just for humans!

Can I bring my child …. my wife/partner/significant other/cousin twice removed?

The party is for staff only. You’ll have to tell them all about it on the way home!

Will there be a cloakroom for storing small bags/jackets?

Yes there will be a cloakroom where you can store small bags (laptop size are ok) and jackets. However there isn’t space to store suitcases or overnight luggage, so please drop this at the hotel prior to the party.

….. and finally

In your excitement you’ve probably just skimmed over this info and you’re already brimming with questions. You’re welcome to contact our delightful Events Team with those, but before you do so, have another read through in case they’ve been answered here.