What should I wear?

Dress for comfort! The OC Beach has indoor and outdoor areas – and outdoors is, as you’d expect, sand! It is a day out at the seaside after all… Flat comfortable shoes and clothes that are rain and sun proof are definitely the way to go. And don’t forget your sun cream.

How accessible is the party?

We aim to make sure everybody has a great time at the OC Beach. The party takes place in a large warehouse which is all on one level. There’s plenty of seating and some great shaded areas should you wish to take part in a more relaxed way. Taxis can pull up right outside should you need one to. If you’ve got any questions or concerns about access specifically, drop Kelly Power a line.

I’ve got a special dietary requirement, will there be food for me?

A trip to the beach just isn’t the same without food, so we’ll have a mix of delicious items on offer throughout the evening. Most importantly, all special diets will be catered for with allergens fully labelled so there will definitely be something to ‘tide’ you over!

Please let us know about any special dietary requirements via the RSVP form.

I’d like to drive, will there be parking onsite?

Like most beaches, parking at the OC Beach is very limited so we’re reserving it for blue badge holders. Luckily, there are car parks nearby, details are listed on the intranet. Sorry, but we’re not accepting expenses for parking.

Can I park at my hotel?

When you receive details of your hotel we’ll also tell you about any parking facilities. If you’d like to arrange parking at your hotel then you can do under your own steam.

What’s going on at the party?

Glad you asked! There will be amazing food, scintillating drinks, wonderful music and captivating entertainment throughout the party. You’re welcome to take part in all of it, some of it or to just sit back and enjoy the ambience. The entertainment and atmosphere will ramp up for the evening with plenty of dancing some good and some (we sincerely hope) bad! Generally speaking it’s a pretty relaxed affair with something for everyone.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, like most beaches come summer, this one is not pooch friendly.

Can I bring my child?

OC runs family friendly events throughout the year, but this one is only for those who are over 18 (and work for Osborne Clarke, of course!)

Can I bring my partner/significant other/cousin twice removed?

The party is for staff only. You’ll have to make them jealous via pics and socials…

More detail on shuttle times, hotels etc. will be published on the microsite once we send out the event joining instructions. If you’ve got any burning questions ahead of that please contact the Events Team.