When it comes to private equity and other corporate investments, adding value is the name of the game. That is why our practice is not only geared towards helping you solve problems when they arise, but also advising you on strategic projects which will drive value in your business.

Executing your “Buy and Build” strategy

We are well known for our pragmatic, value oriented approach to M&A transactions, and always ensure we remain focussed on the issues that really matter to you when acquiring businesses. Cost certainty and efficiency are at the heart of our approach.


Reaching new markets

We have been a respected and established part of the international expansion and growth market for years, helping businesses expand into Europe and the UK.


Integrating ESG into your business

ESG is climbing up the agenda for many of our private equity clients and their portfolio companies. Through a series of six practical steps, we can help you successfully integrate ESG within your business.


Unlocking the value in your data

Our DATA Unlocked package includes services that boost your awareness and understanding of the potential of your data – positioning you to maximise its value in a legally compliant but commercial way, as well as helping you deliver the information in the right way to senior management at board level.


Building and incentivising your management team

A properly incentivised management team is key to a successful investment, and getting the structure of your share or option scheme right plays a crucial role. Our Corporate and Tax teams work closely together to set up the right scheme for your business.


Optimising your real estate portfolio

Many of our clients are taking a closer look at their current real estate use and future of work strategy, including flexible working arrangements, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid digitisation of the real estate sector. Our real estate portfolio audit offers a two stage approach to develop and deliver a bespoke action plan that will help address how to re-imagine your real estate portfolio for the future.


Floating your company

IPO’s are again becoming an increasingly attractive means of achieving successful exits for investors and management teams alike. Our Equity Capital Markets team can guide you through the process, from initial strategic considerations, pre-listing preparation, to admission on the stock market.


Developing your Workforce Strategy

Our private equity employment specialists provide institutional funds, their portfolios and their management teams with future focused employment advice. A comprehensive Workforce Strategy will be vital in attracting and retaining the right talent to drive the growth of the business, so it is either ready to attract further funding or a strategic disposal later down the line.