Regulatory and compliance risks not only pose a day to day operational threat to your businesses, but can also derail your exit process and hit your bottom line if not adequately addressed. Our specialist teams have a range of products and services that can help you navigate the regulatory framework in which your company operates, understand and prioritise your compliance risks and then take effective steps to mitigate identified issues in accordance with your risk appetite.

Finding your route to a compliant business

Our Global Compliance team have a range of risk assessment road maps, on issues such as ABC, GDPR and ESG, to help you identify the information that you will need to assess the risks you face and plan how you want to mitigate them.

Taking control over DSARs (Data Subject Access Requests)

Since the GDPR came into force, we have seen a dramatic rise in the strategic use of Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) at the pre-action stage of litigation, in employment disputes, and by privacy activists. Our lawyers have the litigation and employment expertise to ensure your DSAR portfolio is managed with reduced risk, improved response times and at reduced costs.

Mitigating hybrid working risks

The rapid transition to hybrid or remote working models exposes businesses to new risks. We are now transitioning from remote/hybrid working being a new way of working to being a standard way of working and the courts and regulators will, increasingly, ensure laws are complied with and rights respected.
Our interactive risk tool helps you identify some of the key risks associated with hybrid working and how we can help your business mitigate them.

Guarding your reputation

Our Reputation Management team are highly experienced in handling reputational problems from national media scrutiny to dealing with hostile individuals and online smear campaigns.

Getting the law right with your digital products

Whether your business is launching a new product, is transforming by pivoting into a new area or is well established in its space, our “UK and EU Digital Regulatory Timeline” can help you navigate the complex and fragmented area of digital regulation.