Lawyers for Digital Inclusion action group

The Lawyers for Digital Inclusion action group brings together lawyers from various leading and fast-growth businesses to focus on the significant opportunities for lawyers and in-house teams to make a meaningful impact in relation to digital inclusion

Digital exclusion is “the inability to interact with the online world fully, when where and how an individual needs to.” – The Digital Poverty Alliance

Digital exclusion can be driven by a range of factors, such as no access to the internet, no access to a connected device, the cost of living crisis, insufficient digital skills or particular vulnerabilities or disabilities.

For ethical, commercial and legal reasons, companies therefore need to consider how they and their products and services can be more digitally inclusive. As more social and business services are being digitalised to increase efficiency and save costs, there is increasing legislation to ensure digital inclusion, and there are a range of legal, regulatory and wider considerations such as non-discrimination laws, vulnerable consumers, accessible terms, unfair commercial practices, data protection laws and sectoral regulation.

University of Surrey inclusive AI PhD programme

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To find out more about the group, or if you are interested in joining, please get in touch.

The purpose of the action group is to allow people to share best practice, explore new initiatives, encourage participation by other lawyers and legal teams – and above all take action to help combat digital exclusion and promote digital inclusion.

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