How accessible is the party?

The festival takes place in an enchanted woodland, so expect grass, tree roots, magic and slight inclines. There will be trackway for those in wheelchairs or with limited mobility. We’ve got plenty of seating and some great shaded areas should you wish to take part in a more relaxed way. If you’re arriving via car and are a Blue Badge holder or have difficulty walking far let one of the stewards know and you’ll be directed to a parking space with easy access to the festival site. If you’re arriving via coach there are buggies to bring you down to the base of the festival site, if you’re not comfortable with the 3 minute downhill walk in to the festival site.

What should I wear?

The event is completely set in the great outdoors so flat comfortable shoes and clothes in layers that are rain and sun proof will be the order of the day. And don’t forget your sun cream it’s looking to be fairly bright! Most of all, it’s important that you feel comfortable, with or without glitter and wigs – and definitely without that mankini!

I’d like to drive, will there be parking onsite?

Yes, there is parking onsite. If you’ve booked a space as part of your RSVP then there will be one at the party for you. Please note that vehicles cannot be left at the festival site overnight. Please check and ensure that you have business use covered on your motor insurance policy if driving to the party.

Can I store coats and bags at the festival?

There is no cloakroom facility so please come with what you’re happy to keep on you throughout the day.

I’ve got a special dietary requirement, will there be food for me?

We’ll have a mix of delicious food on offer throughout the evening. All special diets will be catered for with allergens fully labelled.

What should I put on my OOO?

Please make sure that you speak with your teams to organise support where necessary and ensure that all critical work is covered. Please direct your out of office to colleagues who are staying behind during working hours or not attending the party.

What can I expense?

All rail tickets should be booked via R&M. We’re not accepting mileage claims, receipts for parking or taxi fares where you’ve missed the scheduled bus departure times.

What’s going on at the party?

Glad you asked! There will be amazing food, scintillating drinks, wonderful music and captivating entertainment throughout the party. You’re welcome to take part in all of it, some of it or to just sit back and enjoy the ambience. The entertainment and atmosphere will ramp up for the evening with plenty of dancing some good and some, we sincerely hope, bad! Generally speaking it’s a pretty relaxed affair with something for everyone.

What do I do if I need assistance on site?

There will be lots of stewards around the festival site wearing high vis to ensure everyone is safe and having a good time. Please approach one if you have any questions or need help once onsite. Should we need to evacuate for any reason, a tannoy will make clear what to do and the stewards will guide you to a safe exit point. There will also be an information tent with First Aiders should you need them.

Please contact the Events Team with any further questions.