Session 1

In this breakfast briefing series, we’ll be exploring a number of topical compliance issues, to help you navigate the increasingly complex compliance landscape.

In this first session we will be discussing:

  • Prioritising your compliance risks – Every business faces a different combination of compliance risks but, with often limited resources, this session will explore how you can prioritise those risks to focus where the need is greatest and the potential impact most significant.
  • The need for continuous improvement of compliance systems – Continuous improvement is a hallmark of good compliance systems. However, for many risks in many businesses, it has become an unfulfilled aspiration. Using anti-bribery as an example, this session will discuss the importance of continual improvement, the risks of not doing it and how it might realistically be achieved.
  • Personal liability for senior management and directors – the current trends – There is an increasing focus on personal liability for and in connection with the conduct of companies. This session will explore current trends in the development of personal liability in business and how it may develop in the near future.

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