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Antitrust and brand protection: Lessons learned from recent case law
05 June 2024

Dark Patterns and how to avoid them: an international update for the fashion industry
18 April 2024

Music license rights and influencer contracts in fashion
21 March 2024

Now Trending: Trade Secrets in the Fashion World
22 February 2024

Collective actions following IT incidents: GDPR compensation in light of the new EU collective redress 
30 January 2024

How to do retail business in the rapidly evolving retail landscape in Asia – stay ahead of current legislation
05 December 2023

5 Year Anniversary Special Edition: AI x Fashion
25 October 2023

Update on Greenwashing: Is your business prepared for the upcoming EU Directives?
26 September 2023

Break up with fast fashion: EU and US view on sustainability and circular fashion
20 June 2023

Is your business prepared for the EU, German and French Supply Chain Due Diligence Acts?
16 May 2023

The best fit and style for your corporate structure:
what are the benefits of the European Company (SE)?

25 April 2023

Avatars on the catwalk: Gaming collabs & virtual fashion trade mark issues
21 March 2023

What’s the right price? A closer look at the EU Price Indication Directive –
Key changes and recent decisions

21 February 2023

Tackling current challenges: Restructuring options and reinventing the business model
31 January 2023

How to protect your business against rising prices: Contractual freedom and price adjustment clauses
27 October 2022

Trade marks guide – Best way to protect and enforce product names
6 September 2022

New vertical block exemption regulation (VBER): A game changer for fashion’s distribution models?
23 June 2022

Incentives for employees and clients – how to handle it safely
17 May 2022

Greenwashing – When making ‘sustainable claims’ can get your fashion brand into trouble
28 April 2022

The new German consumer protection law in detail –
Most important changes to remember
17 March, 2022

The beginning of a new era of virtual fashion – Let’s talk about NFTs
15 February, 2022

Cyber security: protecting your brand from hackers and how to deal with cyber attacks
18 January, 2022

E-Commerce: Getting ready for the New Deal for Consumers
16 November, 2021

Towards a Sustainable Fashion Industry – Introduction to Key Issues
26 October, 2021

Transformation as a result of online brands entering the physical retail market. 
14 September, 2021

E-commerce – More important than ever before
8 June, 2021

Special Edition: Retail Rents and the Future
18 May, 2021

Changing behaviours for sustainable fashion: How competition law has an impact on sustainability
27 April, 2021

Data driven Marketing and GDPR – How it works in practice
16 March, 2021

Competition law and Fashion: Refresher and recent developments
16 February, 2021

The future of flexible working
12 January, 2021

The next generation: How to work with kidfluencers
15 December, 2020

Restructuring options in and outside insolvency proceedings – What are your options?
17 November, 2020

The future of retail property
29 September, 2020

Innovative Distribution Channels
24 June, 2020

Returns and logistics/reverse logistics – which fashion retailers are doing it well?
26 May, 2020

Back to business! An antitrust law update on opportunities and risks in the current situation
22 April, 2020

E-Commerce – doing online business right!
29 January, 2020

Knowing your customer – CRM-systems and data protection
10 December, 2019

Agreements with media agencies: Contractual relations, financial transparency and legal restrictions
13 November, 2019

US Special – Doing Retail in Europe 
5 November, 2019

Geoblocking Regulation: How does this affect your online shop?
9 October, 2019

Digital transformation in fashion & luxury – a legal perspective
11 September, 2019

Online Brand Enforcement in the Fashion Industry – Protecting Your IP against Product Piracy
19 June, 2019

Doing the right deal: M&A in the luxury & fashion industry
22 May, 2019

Launching new products: labelling, product safety and what to do when things go wrong?
25 April, 2019

#Advertising: Influencer marketing: How to avoid legal issues in Europe and the US
21 March, 2019

Chatbots & Co.: AI in Digital Marketing and GDPR Challenges
20 February, 2019

Brand licensing in fashion
23 January, 2019

New challenges from a privacy and marketing perspective in the fashion industry
19 December, 2018

Ensuring antitrust compliance in the fashion industry
21 November, 2018

What are the current legal issues on franchise systems?
17 October, 2018

Choosing the suitable channel of distribution – Identity corners, pop-up stores and outlets
10 October, 2018