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Welcome back to our fifth series of Eating Compliance for Breakfast! Please see below for all upcoming sessions. You can catch up on any of our previous series by visiting our past webinars page to request recordings and slides. To receive invitations to our future Eating Compliance for Breakfast webinar series, set your subscription preferences here and make sure you are registered for regulatory and compliance updates.

UK Sanctions Update: Overview of recent developments

Date: Thursday 29 September 2022
Speakers: Chris Wrigley and Michelle Radom
In this session we will provide a sanctions update, focussing on the new OFSI ‘red flag’ guidance and the introduction of the new strict liability regime.
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What are the practical impacts of environmental obligations for business? Lessons from the French approach

Date: Tuesday 04 October 2022
Speakers: Joanna Peltzman
This session will consider the new environmental obligations being imposed in France, what they mean in reality for business, touching on waste management, environmental information disclosures and climate litigation, and the practical lessons to be drawn from the French approach.
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How to: avoid risk after the April 2023 repeal of the current IR35 regime

Date: Tuesday 11 October 2022
Speakers: Kevin Barrow and Frances Lewis
In this session we’ll be reflecting on the recent developments on IR35. We’ll be discussing what risk management will still need to be in place to avoid other tax anti-avoidance regimes and what planning you should do now.
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How to: undertake an AML risk assessment

Date: Thursday 13 October 2022
Speakers: Jeremy Summers
In this webinar, we’ll discuss what practical steps businesses that are unregulated or only partly subject to Anti-Money Laundering regulations can take to assess and mitigate their AML risks.
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How to: respond to consultations

Date: Tuesday 18 October
Speakers: Katrina Anderson and Laura Thornton
In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to make the most of responding to consultations and engage with the process. We’ll provide practical steps to maximise your impact on future legislation – both in terms of what to say and how, and when to say it. We will also provide guidance and tips on what to think about when drafting arguments and how to present these effectively.
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How to: navigate the NSIA regime: learnings from the first 6 months

Date: Thursday 20 October
Speakers: Simon Neill and Joachim Piotrowski
In this webinar, we’ll review the National Security and Investment Act and the Investment Security Unit’s report 6 months on. We’ll look at some ongoing cases and offer practical advice on competition compliance.
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