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Back to the office – key considerations for businesses

In this webinar, Mary Lawrence and Philip Chivers will be discussing the employment and health and safety considerations, and practical steps, for businesses as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted and employees start to return to the workplace.

Speakers: Mary Lawrence and Philip Chivers

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Focus on Governance: Exploring governance in larger private companies

In this session Senior Associate Kate Mellor will discuss the governance of larger private companies. We will look at the Wates Principles – the corporate governance principles targeted at larger private companies – and how larger private companies can use governance reporting as part of a successful ESG strategy.

Speakers: Kate Mellor

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The weakest link: importance of de-risking staffing supply chains

Following on from our Spring webinar on the new IR35 tax regime, we will look more widely at workplace tax risks in staffing supply chains and why failure to prevent these practices could result in criminal liability for all suppliers and hirers alike.

Speakers: Frances Lewis and Ian Hyde

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Vulnerable consumers: how to make sure that you comply with your legal obligations

Consumer protection law places specific obligations on companies in relation to vulnerable consumers.  With GDPR style fines non-compliance being introduced across Europe in 2022 now is a good moment to consider whether or not your products, website, terms and advertising meet your legal obligations in this area.

Speakers: Katrina Anderson

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Implementing a successful competition compliance programme

In this webinar, OC Partner Enrico Fabrizi will be joined by Nicola Lopez, GC at Procter & Gamble Italy, to talk about designing, implementing and maintaining an antitrust compliance programme from the perspective of both an in-house counsel and an external lawyer.

Speakers: Enrico Fabrizi and Nicola Lopez, General Counsel Procter & Gamble Group Italy

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How public procurement is driving the ESG agenda

In this webinar, our procurement experts will be discussing how public procurement is driving the ESG agenda, including looking at recent significant developments such as the newly introduced government requirement for bidders for public sector contracts to demonstrate commitment to net zero, which comes into force from the day of this webinar.

Speakers: Craig McCarthy and Kate Davies

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Dirty Money: Introduction to anti-money laundering for non-financial institutions

Banks and payment service providers should be highly familiar with their AML compliance responsibilities. Money laundering, however, touches on a wide range of businesses outside the remit of the FCA and PRA. IN this session, Associate Director James Turner will look at the type of activities that might pull your business into scope of the AML legislation, as well as outlining the challenges you’ll likely face if the law applies to you.

Speaker: James Turner

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FCA Enforcement: Through Covid and beyond

The impact of COVID on the financial sector was significant and after the initial response, and the shift to long-term adaptation, the FCA’s regulatory priorities have re-focused over the past eighteen months. In this session, Rachel Couter and Nick Price will trace the recent attention of the FCA’s enforcement activity, and highlight where the most likely areas for scrutiny are likely to lie in the near future.

Speakers: Rachel Couter and Nick Price

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New EU Whistleblowing Requirements – why they are relevant to your business

The implementation of the new Whistleblowing Directive will require many organisations to look at their whistleblowing procedure and outcomes. In this session, experts from inside and outside the EU will discuss what the new requirements will mean for organisations across Europe and beyond, the potential benefits from getting it right and the risks from getting it wrong.

Speakers: Chris Wrigley and Lucie Mongin-Archambeaud

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Biodiversity: the risks and opportunities for business

While climate change is still grabbing the headlines, global awareness of the importance of biodiversity is increasing and terms such as biodiversity net gain, environmental net gain, nature-based solutions and biodiversity losses are becoming increasingly common. In this session, we will consider what some of these terms mean for UK businesses and what the risks and opportunities associated with biodiversity might be.

Speaker: Caroline Bush

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Managing risks in the changing workplace: A spotlight on flexible working and harassment

In this session, Anna Elliott and Leanne Coates from our employment team will look at recent case law highlighting the legal cost for businesses as they navigate requests to work more flexibly and manage inappropriate behaviour as workplaces become less visible. We will also look at the latest government position on flexible working reforms and the new mandatory requirement to prevent sexual harassment, together with the steps your business can take now.

Speakers: Anna Elliott and Leanne Coates

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Selling products in the UK and EU – how are things changing?

The law around product compliance and the responsibilities of different actors in the supply chain, including online marketplaces, are set to change. If your business is involved in the manufacture or supply of physical goods then this important update is for you. In this session, we look at the impact of Brexit on supply chains and the current discussions and proposals in both the EU and the UK to regulate and enforce product safety.

Speakers: Katie Vickery and Thomas Stables

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Human rights due diligence, supply chains and modern slavery: where are we in the UK, and in Europe?

Increasing focus is being given across Europe to human rights due diligence, supply chain transparency and modern slavery risks. Using France and the UK as examples, in this session we are going to discuss the obligations and expectations on companies now, how we anticipate those obligations and expectations may develop and change in the near future, and what that means for businesses looking to futureproof their compliance systems.

Speakers: Chris Wrigley and Lucie Mongin-Archambeaud

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UK Subsidy Control – a fresh approach to the regulation of grant funding and public/private investments

The UK government has recently published a new UK Subsidy Control Bill which will replace the previous EU State aid rulebook and regulate subsidies, grants and investments made by public bodies across the UK. The new regime is expected to enter force in early 2022.
Our session will look at the opportunities and risks that the new regime will create compared to the previous EU State aid rules, with a particular focus on the position of private companies receiving public sector investment or support, including through established grant programmes (such as Innovate UK) and public/private matched fund investment vehicles.

Speakers: Marc Shrimpling and Rebecca Malone

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How to build reputational and crisis risk into compliance programmes

This session from our Reputation and Crisis team will look at how companies can prepare for dealing with reputational risk areas, including through effective war-gaming, practical crisis plans, and lining up specialist experts for different types of crisis.

Speakers: Ashley Hurst and Henry Fox

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Practical approaches to occupational mental health risks

This session from our Reputation and Crisis team will look at how companies can prepare for dealing with reputational risk areas, including through effective war-gaming, practical crisis plans, and lining up specialist experts for different types of crisis.

Speakers: Mary Lawrence

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What to think about when implementing upcoming Digital Regulation

Our expert team will talk about how to implement upcoming digital regulation, using the Digital Services Act as an example. They will talk through how to implement regulatory change throughout a business, including scoping the laws, conducting an impact assessment, carrying out a gap analysis and stakeholder management (including how to get the change onto the product roadmap).

Speakers: John Davidson-Kelly, Tom Harding and Chloe Deng

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Product counselling for digital products

In this webinar, we will hear insights into product counselling from an in-house perspective from Caroline Kenny, product counsel at Facebook, together insights from OC’s experts Ben Dunham and Chloe Deng. The speakers will cover a wide range of topics, including: launching digital products, coordinating international advice, how to translate legal advice to a product and how to assess and manage the risks.

Speakers: Ben Dunham, Chloe Deng and Caroline Kenny

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Managing regulatory investigations in a digital age

In this webinar, our international digital regulation experts will discuss how to prepare for regulatory enforcements and industry investigations, how to use regulation as a shield, and what to do when the regulators get in touch.

Speakers: Konstantin Ewald, Katherine Kirrage and Katie Vickery

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Digital Regulation horizon scanning – what digital regulation should be on your horizon for next 18 months?

Our team will make sure you’re aware of the regulatory trends and topics, as well as the key pieces of legislation, which will dominate the agenda over the next 18 months.

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Digital Regulation – Influencing future legislation

In this webinar, our team will share their experience helping clients influence and shape future EU regulations and UK legislation by supporting our clients’ government relations and lobbying strategies, including responding to consultations and ways to potentially challenge future government decisions or secondary legislation. The team will also provide a refresh on the rules relating to lobbying, including the issues raised by employing former government employees.

Speakers: Katrina Anderson and John Cleverly

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Facilitating Tax Evasion: an update with HMRC on the Corporate Criminal Offence

In this webinar, Ian Hyde will be interviewing Stacey Mills-Kelly, Assistant Director at HMRC Fraud investigation Service and Head of Strategies, which will give exclusive insight on what businesses need to know on the CCO, what HMRC are doing in the area and common problems and how to avoid them.

Speakers: Ian Hyde and Stacey Mills-Kelly, Assistant Director, Head of Strategies at HMRC Fraud Investigation Service.

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An overview of new and evolving nature-related laws for businesses

In this webinar, Caroline Bush discusses the existing and emerging areas of nature-related laws relevant for businesses, such as the introduction of biodiversity net gain in the planning system, the growth in the nature-based solutions market and the need to put in place contractual arrangements to implement a carbon offsetting strategy, as well as touching on the kind of strategic advice Osborne Clarke’s Nature Practice can offer.

Speakers: Caroline Bush

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Building Safety Bill: Knowing your building and the basis for compliance

A brief update on the current status and content of the bill as well as look at information that will be required about your building to satisfy the various obligations under the proposed legislation.

Speakers: Matt Kyle

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The Duty to Protect: New legal duties for businesses to safeguard against security and terrorism threat

The session will explore the extent of the new proposed duty, instigated in the wake of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing, including: the wide group of businesses the duty will apply to, what will likely be expected from businesses in terms of compliance and timescales for introduction of new law.

Speakers: Mary Lawrence and Alice Babington

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A new deal for consumers? An update on new obligations falling on businesses which sell to consumers in the EU and UK

The EU’s New Deal for consumers flagship legislation comes into force in May 2022. This imposes wide reaching transparency obligations and other consumer protection measures on businesses selling to consumers. These are backed with GDPR style fines. This session will give an overview of the obligations and how compliance may be achieved, and will cover the implications of the EU’s 2nd deal piece of legislation on collective redress and the U.K.’s Consumer refresh proposals.

Speakers: John Davidson-Kelly, Tom Harding and Katrina Anderson

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Cyber governance: time for a health-check?

Poor cyber governance increases the risk both of cyber attacks and regulatory scrutiny. Four years on from the GDPR, many companies continue to treat cyber security as an IT issue. This session will consider how you can health check your cyber governance framework to make sure that it is fit for purpose.

Speakers: Nina Lazic and Olgierd Świerzewski

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Product Compliance – becoming greener

This session will provide a high-level update on ongoing initiatives and incoming regulatory developments in product law, with a focus on green issues, including looking at packaging reforms, the plastic packaging tax and the “Right to Repair” consultation.

Speakers: Katie Vickery

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Cyber security: managing third-party (and M&A) risk

Cyber security defences are only as strong as the weakest link. Third party suppliers, and newly acquired subsidiaries, can pose a huge risk for many companies. This session will consider how to mitigate that risk, and ensure that appropriate technical and organisational measures are taken.

Speakers: Nina Lazic and Olgierd Świerzewski

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IR35 one year on: current risks and solutions as HMRC start investigations in 2022-23

A year after the IR35 regime for the private sector came into force, the honeymoon period ends in April 2022. HMRC has recently brought multi million pound claims against four government departments and is now preparing to review private sector IR35 and umbrella arrangements. This session will examine what liabilities can flow up to end clients, new risks in labour supply chains and what steps should companies take to minimise liabilities.

Speakers: Kevin Barrow

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Top 10 tips to prepare for public procurement law transformation

Our leading public procurement experts will be talking about what your businesses can be doing now to prepare for the transformation in public procurement coming in the next 12 months.

Speakers: Catherine Wolfenden and Laura Thornton

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Sanctions compliance update

In this session, Greg Fullelove and Chris Wrigley will discuss the sanctions compliance challenges businesses are facing, in particular as a result of the increased Russia and Belarus related sanctions.

Speakers: Greg Fullelove and Chris Wrigley

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Internal investigations and data privacy issues

This session will provide a high-level update on the data privacy issues to consider if you’re undertaking an internal compliance investigation, including looking at issues around covert workplace monitoring.

Speakers: Daisy Jones

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UK Cryptoassets Regulation: A ‘sprint’ forward, or a step back?

This session will provide an update on the UK’s evolving approach to regulating cryptoassets and related-Blockchain technologies, including HM Treasury’s consultations on stablecoins, and recent activity by the FCA and other regulators.

Speakers: Nick Price

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Vertically challenged – making sense of the new EU/UK distribution rules

In this session Rebecca Malone and Marc Shrimpling will be discussing the new EU and UK distribution rules offering practical guidance, as well as key takeaways and proposed actions to optimise distribution models.

Speakers: Marc Shrimpling and Rebecca Malone

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Focus on Supply Chains: Sustainability Due Diligence – what expectations and obligations are on the horizon for businesses?

In this webinar, we will be taking a closer look at human rights due diligence, focussing on the implications of the recent EU Commission proposal for due diligence to tackle human rights and environmental impacts of global value chains. We will be considering what this means for businesses with an EU presence as well as considering the current position, and trends on the horizon, for UK businesses including an update on modern slavery provisions.

Speakers: Lucie Mongin-Archambeaud and Chris Wrigley
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Focus on Supply Chains: Top tips for onboarding and managing suppliers

In this session we’ll be discussing issues that need to be considered for onboarding suppliers from a UK and German perspective, including assessing potential suppliers, due diligence requirements and contractual provisions. Questions we will be exploring include:

Speakers: Will Robertson and Lars Kutzner
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Focus on Supply Chains: Environment issues for an ESG-ready supply chain

In this webinar, we’ll be giving an overview on the environmental issues that need to be considered and factored into supply chain relationships, including environmental impact and compliance, resource management, the corporate value chain (scope 3 indirect emissions) standard and the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive. We will also have a special focus on the position in France where enhanced environmental reporting requirements have been introduced. Is France setting the pace for future requirements?

Speakers: Matthew Germain and Joanna Pelztman
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Focus on Supply Chains: Crisis Management – What to do when things go wrong

In this sessions, we’ll be looking at what to do when things go wrong, including issues arising from distressed supply chains, regulatory investigations and steps you can take to limit reputational damage.

Speakers: Charles Crowne and Henry Fox
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Dark patterns and how to avoid them!

This session will explain the legal issues in relation to so-called dark patterns. We will discuss the practical risks and tips and guidance on how to avoid legal liability in the context of both consumer protection and data protection. It will also explore the implications of the ban in the Digital Services Act, as well as proposals to introduce a restriction on dark patterns in the UK.

Speakers: Katrina Anderson and Gemma Nash
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Updated risks in staffing supply chains

In this session we’ll be looking at the regulatory landscapes now applying to staffing supply chains, the importance of managing suppliers of contract staff and a compliant contract/gig worker/zero hours workforce and what HMRC and other regulators can claim from end users of contingent workers.

Speakers: Kevin Barrow
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Public procurement and the road to net zero

The UK Government has set a target to meet net zero by 2050. Over the coming decade, suppliers to the public sector must grapple with becoming net zero themselves or face being shut out of public contracts. We take a look at what suppliers should be doing now to meet these challenges, including diving into Carbon Reduction Plans, and looking at what the NHS is doing as a guide to what may be in store for the rest of the public sector.

Speakers: Kate Davies and Millie Smith
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UK Sanctions Update: Overview of recent developments

In this session we will provide a sanctions update, focussing on the new OFSI ‘red flag’ guidance and the introduction of the new strict liability regime.
Speakers: Chris Wrigley and Michelle Radom
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What are the practical impacts of environmental obligations for business? Lessons from the French approach

This session will consider the new environmental obligations being imposed in France, what they mean in reality for business, touching on waste management, environmental information disclosures and climate litigation, and the practical lessons to be drawn from the French approach.

Speakers: Joanna Peltzman
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How to: avoid risk after the April 2023 repeal of the current IR35 regime

In this session we’ll be reflecting on the recent developments on IR35. We’ll be discussing what risk management will still need to be in place to avoid other tax anti-avoidance regimes and what planning you should do now.

Speakers: Kevin Barrow and Frances Lewis
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How to: undertake an AML risk assessment

Laundering regulations can take to assess and mitigate their AML risks.

Speakers: Jeremy Summers
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How to: respond to consultations

provide practical steps to maximise your impact on future legislation – both in terms of what to say and how, and when to say it. We will also provide guidance and tips on what to think about when drafting arguments and how to present these effectively.

Speakers: Katrina Anderson and Laura Thornton
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How to: navigate the NSIA regime: learnings from the first 6 months

In this webinar, we’ll review the National Security and Investment Act and the Investment Security Unit’s report 6 months on. We’ll look at some ongoing cases and offer practical advice on competition compliance.

Speakers: Simon Neill and Joachim Piotrowski
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Developments in product liability and regulation

We’ll focus on examining what the general reforms show us about the way that the EU wants to approach novel technologies and systems, such as AI and cybersecurity, in terms of treating them as aspects of your overall product compliance obligations.

Speakers: Thomas Stables and Katie Vickery
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Crypto-regulation update: EU and UK perspectives

A number of proposals on the regulation of various cryptoassets activities have been published over the past few months.  In this session, we’ll be looking at the different (and similar) measures being introduced in the UK and the EU, and discussing what the future of regulation could look like.

Speakers: Nick Price
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An Asia focus on ESG and Supply Chains

In this webinar, chaired by Osborne Clarke’s International CEO, Omar Al Nuaimi, we’ll be examining the legal considerations around supply chains in India, China and Singapore. Our speakers will offer observations and local insights, as well as practical tips on how to spot risks, conduct effective audits, manage incidents and how to engage Board members and shareholders at companies, where non-financial due diligence on investments are being made, plus how to score well on ESG metrics and embedding sustainable supply chain management.

Speakers: Prashant Mara, Steve Yu, Sern Yang Liu and Omar Al-Nuaimi
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What’s hot in food law? – an update on key legal issues

This session will provide a short update on a number of food law topics affecting the food and beverage sector, including our thoughts on what every food business should be preparing for in 2023. The session will include novel foods, alternative proteins, HFSS, CBD and the making of claims (including environmental claims).

Speakers: Katie Vickery, Katrina Anderson and Anna Elliott
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Healthcare Products – what they are, how to place them on the UK market and how is the law changing?

Many businesses are venturing into healthcare products for the first time. In this session, Peter Rudd-Clarke and Anna Lundy will discuss the post-Brexit regulatory framework surrounding medical devices and how to place your products on the market in the UK. They will also consider what the future regulatory system might look like and whether we should expect further divergence from the EU regime.

Speakers: Anna Lundy and Peter Rudd-Clarke
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Internet of Things regulation

n this digitalisation focussed webinar we’ll be discussing connected devices and the internet of things, how they are currently regulated, and how specific legislation and regulator guidance are being introduced – increasing the compliance burdens on the companies which develop these products.

Speakers: Thomas Stables and Catherine Hammon
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