In the end it all boils down to sales and customer satisfaction. Excelling in both is the key to economic success.

To choose the suitable system of sales and distribution right from the start plays a vital role in reaching those goals. While you might want to maintain full control over all sales channels and product presentation by opening up your own stores all across Germany, the investments and capital commitment scare you off? So maybe just a flagship store combined with authorized dealers or even a franchise system would also satisfy your needs and raise your cash flow.

Perhaps you simply want to sound out the German market first before you consider investing in a full roll out of your business. In this case a classic sales or comissionary agent could be the right choice for a new presence in a key market.

“Salesfaction guaranteed” – Whatever your needs and ambitions are, you can count on our legal expertise and market insight to find just the right solution for your international growth plans in Germany. With our experience and expertise in commercial and distribution matters we take pride in promising you creative thinking combined with practical and sound legal advice.