Money Matters

From the very beginning, every new market participant should pay attention to the taxation of its business. After all, you may have to last a while before you make the first profit. A robust corporate structuring may therefore be vital to your success.

  • Have you considered optimizing your Supply Chain Management and thereby save money?
  • Do you think a compliance due diligence would be a good idea?
  • Do you want to grow?

With effective financing tools and optimized organizational structures, you might be able to improve your economic and financial performance and increase your net profit whilst expanding your business in Germany, Europe and the world.



  • Minimize your costs. Make the most of your start-up expenses – use tax efficient corporate and financial structure.
  • An optimized Supply Chain Management is key to any successful retail business. You should take advantage of the tax potential in intercompany transfer pricing structure.


  • At the outset you may want to outsource your bookkeeping, e. g. to the accountants in our tax department.
  • An enterprise – whether small, medium or large – has to provide annual statements.
  • Please take care of the publication of annual statements and other relevant documents.
  • Transfer Pricing compliance and documentation should never be underestimated.
  • Proper invoicing for VAT purposes is essential: It may lead to a denial of input VAT deductions, if your invoices are not accepted by the authorities.
  • Take care of VAT, Corporate Tax and payroll tax filings.
  • Tax audits should be accompanied by someone with experience in supporting tax audits and well-established connections to the authorities.


Once you have been in the German market for a while, you may come to a point where you face the question of either growing or exiting the market: in this case, you should make sure to get the best results from tax effective financing, restructuring, internal reorganization of functions between group companies as well as sales and liquidation of single enterprises.

Our experts can give you support with all tax-related matters. We can take care of your annual statements, of your tax filing and provide you with our wide experience in all stages of your expansion to Germany.

Take advantage of the international environment in which we operate and benefit from our experience in defending tax structures nationally and internationally.