Do it right

Being compliant is a matter of being safe and being safe is a matter of saving money.

The importance of compliance has increased rapidly during the last years. The observance and adherence of information and reporting duties, the increased awareness regarding payoffs and the acceptance of benefits, the sensible area of pricing and the compliance with employment law requirements (for only a few things) are important for the representatives, the compliance officers and all persons in charge of your Company. It is essential to avoid their personal liability.

Further, the costs of compliance may be high; but the costs for the consequences of being non- compliant are nearly three times as high.*
The information duties data base of the German Federal Statistical Office includes 15,879 duties (as of March 2012).

We help you to select the rules and duties applicable to your business, to comply with these rules and duties, to train your employees and to avoid adverse consequences of being non-compliant.