D&R Awards 2023

This year we are holding our first D&R Awards ceremony at the Away Day. 

There are 7 award categories of awards and we invite you to nominate colleagues whom you think should be recognised for their contributions. Click on the link below to nominate someone. Please choose an award category, fill in the name of your nominee, and detail your reasons for your nomination (in no more than 150 words). You can make multiple nominations in any category. Winners will be announced at the Dinner and presented with a small award. Any queries, please speak with Cat Tsang or Melissa Lane.

Award Categories

Best Collaborator – consistently demonstrates collaboration skills and fosters a co-operative work environment.

Most Innovative Thinker – comes up with new ideas and creative solutions to OC and client’s problems.

Most Internationally Minded – excels at looking for international opportunities with clients and working across the OCI network.

Outstanding Contribution to OC Culture – recognising those who champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace and make a positive impact on the firm’s culture.

Community Champion – recognising outstanding contribution to OC’s pro bono and / or charitable giving programmes.

Matter of the Year – Entries in this category are for the D&R colleagues who worked on a standout high profile matter in the public domain in the past year, providing exceptional client service and raising OC’s D&R profile in the disputes market.

OC Glue Award – recognising the person who makes a contribution to team cohesion / social events / cheer leader for others behind the scenes without seeking recognition.

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