Blockchain from a legal perspective

How to make it work:

The use of Blockchain technology can feel like uncharted territory, both from an economical and technical standpoint – and that’s before you even think about the potential legal ramifications.

From our experience, most companies think about the legal aspect too late. We have found that the key to solving any legal challenge needs to be tackled at the design stage.

Whether you are starting out with blockchain, or are already implementing a solution, you need clear and robust legal advice. By answering a few questions here, we can guide you to one of our experts for an initial discussion on the legal areas you need to consider.

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Retrospective: Blockchance

Need legal blockchain advice?

...and Don'ts

Don't: run from regulation, run towards itDon't: ignore the legal areas that can make or break your productDon't: go international on day one - start in the most relevant jurisdiction for you

Dos ...

Do: involve legal advice early - already in the design stageDo: identify the legal issues behind the economic/practical issue you want to solveDo: identify relevant laws and regulationsDo: ensure you understand and manage the liability model